Wang Leehom and Khalil Fong music collaboration

Source: Yahoo News

Yahoo news: Wang Leehom grasps a 0.1 second difference, Khalil Fong exclaims that he’s incredibly professional

Khalil Fong will be releasing a new album at the end of this September entitled “JTW Journey to the West” after two years.

– Double album combining Eastern and Western influences
– Third released single ‘Flow’ marks the first collaboration between Wang Leehom and Khalil Fong

‘Flow’s MV uses elements of traditional Chinese ink brush drawing, combining mountains, rivers, koi, butterflies, electric guitar, jazz drums, etc. to drown the senses
– Leehom accurately picked up on a 0.1 second sync difference between the music and image, drawing high praise from the staff and Khalil Fong

‘Flow’ was released earlier today on YouTube:

Do you like Flow?

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