Is there any gossip about SpeXial?

PTT: Is there any gossip about Spexial?

I was chatting at home with my middle school relatives the other day
She asked if I knew Spexial
I said I didn’t
She responded, how could I not? They’re super popular! My classmates love them so much
Is there anything about what the heck this group is?
Am I past the times?
I only listen to JJ Lin (Lin Jun Jie)


> KO RE-MEMBER is a really good drama, Spexial is acting in it
– Middle school brats love these guys the most
+ Taiwan is just their starting point, they spend more time in China now
+ They were the best when they were only four~~ but we can’t go back now
– Lousy group name, my students thought I spelled it wrong
– Only middle schoolers like them
– Middle school girls love this type


Spexial is a Taiwanese mandopop group formed by Comic International Productions in 2012. The Group name is a combination of eXtra and Special. The group started off with four members in 2012 and has added members three times, making for 12 members currently. They’ve risen to prominence through a lot of dramas, currently starring in KO RE-MEMBER. 

The above is from their latest song, Boyz on Fire.

The above is a fan made collection of scenes from KO RE-MEMBER, with SpeXial’s song as the theme song.

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  • cpoplove

    Test comment

  • mic27

    i just feel bad for the members. they just keep adding more ppl…

  • Si Min Tan

    I feel offended because u said the it was a lousy group name
    Not only middle schoolers like speXial if u have seen speXial fanmeet in Taiwan u could see that even children and also people that are married like speXial
    Its because your students all like kpop thats why they dont know speXial

    • cpoplove

      Hi Si Man, thank you for your comment! Just to clarify, these aren’t cpoplove comments, I translated the post from PTT — these are T-netizen comments. I’m a personal fan of SpeXial myself, more coop idol groups are needed! 🙂