Jay Chou blasts the prevalence of ‘young fresh meat’ in broadcasts

QQ: Jay Chou criticizes the prevalence of ‘young fresh meat’: broadcasting only good looks makes this no different to sexually charged movies

Young fresh meat is a term that’s risen to prominence in Mandarin speaking entertainment describing young males with good looks, fit bodies, and swoon worthy auras.

Jay Chou posted the following Weibo on August 4:

With regards to the prevalence of young fresh meat, this isn’t a simple question of blessings or disaster, but a problem of societal values. The greater environment is all about earning money and fast food, who cares about nutrition and health?

When one watches an artistic performance with low standards, their judgment of beauty will naturally decrease. This isn’t called being a trend, but voluntarily sinking into depravity. We’re just lying to ourselves, is there any developed country who will imitate us? We’re just taking what other people have spat out, warming it up and blindly copying others. This isn’t someone else destroying us, but the cost of a society only recognizing money and sacrificing an entire generation.

Works of art and drama have an educational function just like all other professions, and is a venue in which the entire society depends on to broadcast the true, good, and beautiful. Any of the developed societies in the States and Europe do so. This requires professionals, learning, and qualifications. It also requires the professionals to have a sense of ethics and morals. If we only broadcast good looks, is that just broadcasting a move about sex? Publicly calling for all the young of society to gather together and lust after good looks?

We’re creating a society of descendants that revere feminine masculinity. What kind of image are we intending to project to the world? This isn’t an issue of communication, but a psychology problem of earning money with a good conscience! The young fresh meat have no fault in themselves, but the fault is erroneously becoming king over everything… can they bear to sit in their throne?


 [+ 12,394] This is so well said. All celebrities have an innate marketing effect, so they should send out positive energy.  … Those who look good and don’t look good are all breaking their heads in trying to squirm into the entertainment circle. Everyone wants to be a star. Money is easy to make and thus society is slowly changed for the worse.  …

[+8,881] Ai, I have no words for the plots of drama these days, particularly period dramas. They all photoshop, use filters, and touch up skin. It really turns my stomach. It’s difficult to tell people apart and the plots are so fake.

[+6,338] I really have no interest in young fresh meat. I only watch varieties every now and then and see a bunch of kids that look like ghost dancing and singing. I don’t understand a word at all! Ai, I’m not that old either at twenty some years old!

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