Wowkie Zhang’s chicken soup for the soul on ‘Back to School’

Weibo: Back To School’s official Weibo

Wowkie Zhang is a Beijing born singer, actor, and MC recently known for his participation on the shows ‘Back to School’ and ‘Heroes of Remix’. 

Let me tell you something
You want to give up at many times
Because someone’s told you
That you should do this matter
‘To retreat is to move forward when on the wrong path’
Do you understand?
It means that if you really like something
You won’t give it up
It’s like eating and drinking
If music or acting
Has already reached the point where it’s like eating
Can you give up eating?
If you won’t feel happy if you give it up?
You won’t give it up

Wowkie Zhang’s recent Heroes of Remix performances:

This combines an older cpop song with Justin Beiber’s ‘Baby’.

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