Lin Chi-ling’s father blasts Edison Chen

Yahoo News: Lin Chi-Ling’s father blasts Edison Chen: His words flip flop back and forth! Whoever gets involved with him is unlucky!


Edison Chen wrote on his Weibo, which was subsequently deleted, saying that she prevented his girlfriend from appearing on Chinese reality TV show show ‘Hey Muse’.
– Edison Chen’s father then appeared online defending his son, with Lin Chi-ling’s father taking the stage today

Although Lin Chi-ling’s management company has publicly come out with an apology saying that it made Lin Chi-ling the scapegoat, Edison Chen then posted pictures saying that Lin Chi-ling was making the management company the scapegoat instead.

Lin Chi-ling’s father said that, “The show set aside a 25 year old girl for a 40 some year old woman. This means that looks weren’t everything. Everyone knows that [Lin Chi-ling] was innocently and unnecessarily embroiled into this matter. It’s a good thing that she’s not a part of it anymore. They (Edison Chen and his girlfriend) are making the desperate struggles of caged animals, but the audience has to like it in the end. Their methods have been a bit crude and they need to practice some more.”

In addition, Chi-ling’s father also said, “The little boy from Hong Kong flip flops with his words and any artist who gets involved with him never seems to have a good ending. The girl from China (meaning Edison Chen’s girlfriend) is trying to her best to strive upwards but has made the wrong boyfriend!”


Tnetz comments below:

[+91, -10] Absolutely support Lin Chi-ling! We won’t be taken in by a little pervert from Hong Kong and a gold digger from China!

[+73, -4] Any father would be upset and sad to see his daughter insulted with such vulgar names

[+66, -11] Looking at the words of Chi-ling, her father, and her brother, it’s obvious to see that the entire family’s EQ is high. They don’t open their mouths with insults or in sarcasm, but focus on the matter itself and encourage others to think positively. This is worthy of everyone’s emulation.

[+41, -7] It’s obvious to see that both father and son are on drugs


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