Supposed list of 42 Kpop stars blocked from activities in China

QQ: Supposed list of 42 blocked Kpop stars, 53 dramas affected

  1.  Lee Jong-suk: Jade Lovers
  2. Ji Chang-wook: My Male God
  3. Rain: Endless August
  4. Kuh Yungho: Fighter of the Destiny
  5. Shin Min-hee: Undercover
  6. Li Jian: Meiren Weixian
  7. Yoo In-na: Shuttle Love Millennium
  8. Krystal: Graduation Season
  9. Jang Hyuk: New Sea
  10. Park Min-young: City of Time

It’s rumored that the ban will take effect on September 1.

Cnetz comments on article:

[+23,132] We finally won’t see those crappy shows on HunanTV (Chinese TV channel) that push those Korean stars

[+20,754] I support banning Korean artists! … Never come and earn money from China! Even without Korean sticks (Cnetz term for Korean artists), our China still has many excellent stars and dramas!

[+14,004] Boycotting HunanTV is the best. It invited a lot of Korean artists to participate in Chinese TV shows. Now that HunanTV has started doing this, it’s time to give them a waning. I really don’t like Korean artists. They have no skill and sell only their looks


cpoplove will translate more of the list if there’s interest, please let us know in the comments!

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  • I’m curious, if they’re boycotting the artist and kicking them off schedules then don’t they have to pay the cancellation fees? Plus the refilming of some dramas and movies because of character changes? It sounds expensive TBH

  • LunaToown

    wow the anti korea wave growing well now korean idol can export their thing in SEA but they really need to change their mind and the ignorant shit they say about SEA people.

    • meis

      Wait what? Fill me in.

      • LunaToown

        do don’t know about china ban korea idol on china tv?

        • meis

          Stuff ‘they’ said about SEA people?

  • taro

    what about the chinese-korean collabs? they are banned too?

  • Saito85

    Why is the text so weird on this site? Makes it hard to see

    • cpoplove

      Sorry about that! It looks really normal to me, can you post a screenshot of how it looks weird?

      • Saito85

        Is the font supposed to look like this? If so it’s kinda distracting

        • cpoplove

          Woah! Definitely not. That’s crazy. Maybe it’s messing up on certain sites. I’ll change the site theme font to a more generic one, please let me know if it looks better!