Aaron Yan interacts cutely with Joanne Tseng

Facebook: Joanne Tseng’s Facebook


Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng were the leading couple in Taiwanese drama ‘Refresh Man’, and although the drama has ended, many loyal fans still ship the two.
– The two still interact frequently outside of filming
– Aaron responded to Joanne’s Facebook posting within seconds on Aug. 6, making many fans squeal that it was too cute

Facebook translation:
(Joanne’s original post): A smile from the heart, the skin glows from inside. Good afternoon everyone 🙂 Have you seen my new CF?

Aaron: (Taiwanese cutesy of saying) Very good!

Joanne: Baby (cutesy way of saying you or I, recently popular in China/Taiwan) responded within a second! So good! Teach me!

Aaron: I can do it because I keep looking at you

Joanne: Haha you’re lying to me! 😛

Aaron: Why would I lie to you~~

Joanne: Are you taking filming seriously? You keep responding to comments 😛

Aaron: I have nothing to film today, I feel fulfilled just thinking of you


Aaron Yan is a Taiwanese singer and actor, originally part of the Fahrenheit group. One of his MVs with Puff Guo is below:

Joanne Tseng is a Taiwanese singer and actress, originally part of the Sweety Duo. Eng sub of ‘Refresh Man’ below:

Refresh Man’s Wikipedia.

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