Dee Hsu thought ‘Pokemon’ was the name of a person

Liberty Times Net: Dee Hsu thought ‘Pokemon’ was the name of an old entertainer, says to please don’t let her daughter know


Pokemon Go was released in Taiwan on Aug. 6, inciting a frenzy throughout the nation.
– Many artists have been unable to resist the allure of the game and have posted pictures of themselves playing
– Dee Hsu participated in an event for a cosmetics brand earlier today and when asked about the game, she asked, “Which elderly artist is Pokemon?”
– She laughed about her mistake and asked reporters to please don’t tell her daughters

Dee Hsu is a very popular Taiwanese host and singer who co-hosted Kangxi Lai Le for 13 years with Kevin Tsai.

Footage from the ten year anniversary of the show (eng sub).

‘Blue’, from her self titled EP.

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