Gentlemen rechoreographs Jolin Tsai’s “Play”

ET Today: Gentlemen rechoreographs Jolin Tsai’s dances, practices until their toenails turned up

Gentlemen participated in the 2016 Metro Street Dance Competition on Aug. 6 and rearranged their own song “Imperfect Gentlemen”, mixing in Jolin Tsai’s “Play” and A-Mei’s “Jump In”.
– Gentlemen wanted to show their respect to these queens in mixing in their songs to their performance
– They picked songs having to do with the Golden Melody Awards, hoping to one day win the award as well


Members Kenny, Masha, and Wish have no dance fundamentals and thus practice everyday starting in the afternoon
– They’ve suffered a fair share of injuries with bruises, calluses, blisters, and upturned toenails

Gentlemen’s “Imperfect Gentlemen”

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  • LunaToown

    hello first comment here congratz .
    i come here because i read your thread on onehallyu.

    first time hearing those boys they have great visual but need to work on their dance and voice.