Gui Gui films an MV with Song Joongki?

Liberty Times Net: Gui Gui displays MV shooting scene, male lead is Song Joongki?


Gui Gui posted a blurred out scene from her MV shooting this morning on Facebook and thanked her male lead.
– Netizens speculated that the male in the picture looked like Song Joongki with pale skin and short, black hair
– Many were envious that she could invite such a popular star

However, Taecyon from 2PM also shared a picture of him filming something today.
– His shirt seemed to be similar to the striped shirt worn by the male in the camera monitor

Netizens further commented that it’d be mentioned before that Lee Jung-shin from CN Blue would be filming a MV with her.

Gui Gui is a Taiwanese Mandopop singer and actress currently represented by Korea’s CJ E&M. She achieved great popularity with her marriage to Taecyon in ‘Global We Got Married’.

Scenes of the couple from ep. 1 of Global We Got Married.

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  • silvermaoh

    I liked her a lot in We Got Married and Legend of LuZhen