Joe Chen breaks out in tears on Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo’s wedding?

QQ: Joe Chen got drunk during the wedding reception and broke out in tears? Staff denies


Taiwanese actress Joe Chen once dated Wallace Huo in 2003, after the two met while filming ‘100% Señorita’.
– Wallace Huo only admitted to the relationship after the two broke up in 2004, saying that she loved him a lot more and he only wanted to focus on his career
– The two got back together in 2013 when filming ‘Swordsman’, but still ended up breaking up. During this time, Joe often became jealous when Ruby posted pictures with Wallace. Ruby had to call Joe and personally explain matters. It’s said that Wallace Huo told friends that they broke up Joe “wanted too much”

According to insiders, Joe “kept pounding back the drinks during the reception and got drunk, breaking out into uncontrollable tears. Many celebrities also knew of this matter.”

However, her manager said that, “We sincerely offer our best wishes to the newlyweds and don’t know why these random rumors have appeared online. Joe Chen is filming a new drama right now and is quite busy. We’re quite resigned that something like this has occurred as well.”

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+7,356] I suddenly feel like Ruby Lin is so full of schemes after this.

[+7,125] I like Joe Chen.

[+6,128] Let’s stop bullshitting here, Ruby is much more suited to Wallace! Joe and Wallace had almost no interactions after they finished filming, and they were in a relationship for only a few months. However, Wallace and Ruby became good friends forever after their first film together, they often eat together, go singing, take pictures, participate in family meals, and have met each other’s parents. They’ve supported each other for ten years! They understand and trust each other. They were so happy when they filmed ‘The Glamorous Imperial Concubine’ and had such accord.

Eng sub of 100% Senorita.

Eng sub of ‘The Glamorous Imperial Concubine’.

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