Show Lo participating in the Olympics?

Yahoo News: Show Lo reports in to the Olympics? Female Thai gold medalist looks the same as the Asian king of dance


Having just concluded his concert in the Taipei Arena, Show Lo was spotted in Rio at the weightlifting competition for the 2016 Olympics?
– Show Lo recently posted two pictures on his Facebook with the caption, “I thought I wouldn’t be discovered…” and then did the same on Weibo with the caption, “I said I was strong…”

Thai fans have also erupted in heated discussion at the similarities between the two.

Show Lo is a popular Taiwanese singer, dancer, actor, and MC. 

Eng sub from Show’s entertainment show.

Show Lo and actor Sun Hong Lei facing off in a dance battle.

Show Lo’s latest song with Suzy.

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  • Aeoliuu

    That’s quite funny actually.. I can see the resemblance

  • kpopkdramas

    I can see it lol. It’s been a long time since I seen show lo