Follow up on the Korean artist ban

QQ: Exclusive follow up on the Korean artist ban: 1/3 of Korean entertainment circle to be out of work

Tencent Entertainment spread the news of the Korean artist ban more than ten days ago, but there has yet to be a tangible document to date. However, ripple effects from the ban have already been seen. (detailed below)

Those in Chinese entertainment circles are taking a “wait and see” approach for Korean collaboration in the second half of the year.
– Those operating more in the Korean entertainment circles are more worried, and have said that if this is a long time ban, 1/3 of the Korean entertainment circle will become unemployed
– Most local Chinese productions will avoid inviting Korean stars in the near future.

There have been no tangible documents delivered to TV channels yet, but staff members have said that policy updates are often communicated verbally.
– Thus, there may never be a paper document detailing a Korean artist ban

Travel agencies detail an interesting phenomenon that there has been decreased public interest in traveling to Korea to visit filming locations. If an official ban is enacted, this will further impact interest.
– One tangible case is the 2016 Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival that was supposed to be held from July 26 – 31
– It was later partially cancelled in the wake of mass cancellations from Chinese tour groups

An anonymous manager in South Korea reassured reporters that rumors of a Korean artist ban was false.
– However, he also mentioned that his company was closely monitoring the situation and staying in contact with all sources in China
– Some small to mid sized agencies are considering pivoting their strategy from developing in China to returning to Korea
– Another manager from a large South Korean agency said that thus far, no activities have been affected for artists under their management
– He also admitted at the same time that some staff were working around the clock to monitor all communication and social media channels from China, and that they were being more cautious in their marketing

An anonymous PD said that there will be limited impact on Korean television from such a ban.
– Rights to almost all popular shows have already been sold
– However, another colleague says that if such a ban is long term, it will impact the operations of TV channel stations and TV show creativity

The following negative ripples from the Korean artist ban were listed:
–  Lee Hyun-Jae’s name has already been removed from credits list for “Rush to the Dead Summer” and he didn’t appear on the Aug. 1 press conference for the drama
Jang Dong-gun cancelled a visit to a filming site for “It Makes Me Bittersweet to Think That I Once Loved You” in which he is the male lead
– Finished drama “Braveness of the Ming” by Park Min-young, “The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream” by Go Joon-hee, and movie “Flying Kite” by Krystal and Lay have no premiere date

The following unaffected actions from the Korean artist ban were listed:
– Lee Joon-gi still made a showing on the Aug. 9 showing of his drama “Never Said Goodbye”
– Ji Chang-wook’s drama “Whirlwind Girl 2” is broadcasting as usual, although it is rumored that his scenes will be cut in future episodes. However, his other drama “My Male God” has finished filming for half a year and there are still no plans to broadcast it. His scenes in an episode of “Happy Camp” also seemed to have been cut
– Kim Soo-hyun just signed two more CFs in China
– A China-Korea collaboration for drama “Scarlet Heart” was just approved

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