TW netizens express regret over Back to School 2 episodes in Taiwan

PTT: [Reflections] Back to School 2 TW episodes regrets


9-1604121I229114Netizen post:

I originally watched this show because I wanted to see how the episodes in Taiwan turned out. I watch shows from mainland China to watch Taiwanese artists. It’s a weird habit of mine. I like to know what Chinese people think of Taiwanese artists, it’s a type of mentality like wanting to know what foreigners think.

When I watched the first episodes in Hangzhou, I was thinking, “China still confiscates cell phones? And a limit on hair length?”. I also felt that the teachers were too into it and that that wouldn’t happen in Taiwan. We can let them see how much freedom there is in Taiwan (although they’d never accept it in the way I’ve put it), how many empty seats there are, only 30 some students a class, no restrictions on hair, no confiscation of cell phones.

Who would’ve thought that not only were Chinese people shocked by the episodes in Taiwan, us Taiwanese people were too. Plus, I feel that the teacher and principals were all too into things. XDD

Weibo was filled with hate on how Taiwanese teachers are mean and our facilities are awful. Their netizens said:

  • Students still have to sweep toilets in this day and age? (I asked if China really didn’t need to sweep toilets? You guys have that much money?)
  • School and dorms are old (Taiwanese schools are really poor. I know Chinese schools are very rich, but is every one really that new?”
  • Schoolwork is too easy (They don’t know the difference between vocational schools and regular high schools)
  • Hating on Taiwanese students, remarking on how cold Taiwanese students are (I really don’t know what fault the students committed. Perhaps it’s because Taiwanese students are afraid of strangers? They really wouldn’t talk to an artist or someone they don’t know. At least the ones I know are all like this)

I feel like not only did this not advertise Taiwan, but it prompted hate for us. When the second episode came out, the teachers were still that bad. There were even netizens who said that, “Stop faking it! Taiwanese students all suck.”

Although I didn’t want them to compliment us, it’s still a bit saddening to be criticized. …Apart from helping the artists joke around more in Taiwan, there were few other points of interest. I don’t even want to watch the other episodes now.

TW netizens weigh in below:

  • There’s something wrong with the teachers~ I couldn’t believe what era we were in when the teachers were so harsh. Aren’t they afraid of student protests?
  • I felt that the teachers were purposefully harsh on the first day in order to prevent a different side in the rest of the days. But there was no different side. The students were very warm when they danced and sang for Wowkie Zhang. That part was very happy, I could feel the students’ passion.
  • This must have been something that the production crew wanted. Otherwise the teachers would’ve been extremely respectful and polite given that someone’s coming here to film something.
  • The students were less enthusiastic probably because the Chinese members were less popular in Taiwan. When Ella arrived at school, it was very obvious that all the students rushed to her.
  • Some people have said that the episodes in Taiwan were the normal school, the first school was like filming a drama

Back to School 2 is a reality show in which artists are sent back to school. Current cast includes Luhan, Wowkie Zhang, Wilbur Pan, Ella from SHE, and Zhang Danfeng.

Eng sub of the partial first episode.

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  • EXOtic_Music Lover

    Too bad Luhan can’t work or visit Taiwan for 2 years now. Does his manager or the production team didn’t know that they should get working permit first in order to shoot in Taiwan? No?

    • LunaToown

      i though the final decision isn’t out…

      • cpoplove

        I’m going to treat this as the first cpoplove request! I’ll go find the old news article talking about this and translate it for you. 🙂

        • LunaToown

          thank you

      • EXOtic_Music Lover

        I read in another website (Sporeola(?) that he is banned from visiting 4 years in Taiwan but he can have work permit after 2 years only.

        • LunaToown

          ow poor him …