Bii clinically depressed by lack of popularity

Apple Daily: Bit feels that he isn’t popular enough since coming to Taiwan, becomes depressed after ten years


27 year old Taiwanese-Korean mix singer Bii chatted with media yesterday, but his spirits seemed low.
– He admitted starting to lose sleep since last year
– He went to see the doctor last week and was diagnosed with mild clinical depression, to be placed on medication for three months
– The reason for his low? He is the eldest son in the family and is also dissatisfied with his performance after arriving in Taiwan for ten years
– He currently eats half a pill for depression every night before sleeping
– “The medication cause me to be dizzy the first time and want to smile at everything I saw. I smiled all day through work the next day. The medication helps me be happy and avoid thinking negative thoughts.”

He held a concert on July 16 and accompanied his mother and younger brother to visit his sick uncle in Korea the next day.
– He felt incredibly helpless at only being able to give monetary support when his family was sick
– Apart from visiting his uncle during the two weeks, he spent even more time with his mother. He hopes to bring his mother to Taiwan in the future
– As the eldest son in the family and with his father stationed in China for work, he views his mother and younger brother as his duty.

Whenever he’s lonely at night, he “turns on one lamp at home, stares off into space, misses family, becomes irritated or mad, cracks open one beer, looks outside, and plays with the dog” until it becomes morning again.
– Accumulating too many thoughts caused him to lose sleep”

Apart from taking care of his family, he also wishes to become his record company’s pillar of support.
– When asked if he’d like to take a break, he responded, “It would make me unhappier to take a break.”

Bii is a popular singer in Taiwan with multiple hits for dramas. His songs chart high on music ranking charts.

Eng sub of Bii’s ‘Back in Time’

Eng sub of Bii’s ‘Love More’

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  • LunaToown

    poor him but he need to see people who didn’t even eat because how poor they are…

  • Aeoliuu

    This is upsetting to read. Makes you wonder how many other artists are also suffering from depression.

  • LostRambler

    I notice whenever he’s on an OST because I always get the urge to find out who sang the song, which just goes to show how awesome he is. Its a shame he’s not as popular as he would like