China’s more generous conditions for celebrities?

Yahoo News: Heartfelt words comparing pay in China and how Taiwanese artists become “the proud light of Taiwan” when they go to South Korea, Hugua says, “Don’t belittle Taiwanese artists”

Notable Taiwanese MC Hugua recently went to China for work, saying that he “was just a guest for one episode of a TV show” because the producer was a fan of his and had often watched Hagua’s old shows when he was studying abroad.

– He expressed that he was open to expanding to China, but that the pay between the two  regions shouldn’t be discussed. “Are we encouraging artists to expand into China? (Does remaining in your own country) mean you’re shit?”
– He felt that comparisons shouldn’t be made between the two regions at all. “China’s budget for one episode is several million NTD, whereas Taiwan’s budget for one episode is only in the tens of thousands of NTD.”
– Chinese shows can often invite popular, trending artists, but Taiwan’s shows are unable to

He also remarked that the compensation for filming for one day in China was enough to replace filming three days in Taiwan.
– “Taiwan’s artists are being belittled down into the ground. Why does going to South Korea make someone the light of Taiwan? Are Taiwanese artists shit for staying in Taiwan? Don’t belittle Taiwanese artists.”

Taiwanese netizens weigh in below:

[+25, -0] Right, why is it that a Taiwanese artist is the light of Taiwan when they leave Taiwan? Is staying in Taiwan not a good thing?

[+22, -2] To sidestep the topic of politics, Hugua speaks very correctly.

[+25, -10] There are many political figures and young people in Taiwan who are anti-China because they are afraid of China. What a bunch of ostriches.

[+3, -0] This is a real issue of the times. China’s conditions are indeed better than Taiwan’s. If Taiwan’s environment is good, what need would Taiwan’s artists have to go to China!

[+3, -0] Hugua, say more practical words. This is reality

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