Michelle Chen shows off good looks post marriage

QQ: Michelle Chen shows off picture of health in post marriage selca

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Michelle Chen recently posted on Weibo a picture of her holding two slices of cake, asking netizens which one they’d like to eat.

Chinese netizens commented:

  • I only know that your hubby would want to eat you. …don’t always hide your stomach, alright?
  • Being pregnant once means being silly for three years. Eat half of each and give the rest to your husband
  • You can say that you eat one and your baby eats one, that way, you eat both of them!
  • Goddess, your baby must look  like you because you’re simply too beautiful!

Michelle Chen is a Taiwanese actress best known for starring in the 2011 movie “You Are the Apple of My Eye”. She married Chen Xiao in July, 2016.

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