Angela Chang makes even the staff cry with her new song

Yahoo News: Angela panics because she feels like a caged bird, staff cries upon listening to “Finally”


Angela was put into a white bird cage for filming her new MV and spun around for four minutes for each take, evoking the image of a girl being caught in the whirlwind of love and unable to extract herself.
– She mentioned that she’s claustrophobic and finds taking planes hard

She was the producer of her new album and emphasized the emotions of the hurt of a girl having just lost love in the chorus
– On the day of filming, as she sat next to the window and stared at the manmade snow, one of the staff actually started crying as she’d just been dumped

Angela says that although this song is sad, the words of “you’ve helped me become who I am today” is actually an encouragement to her fans to use a brave attitude to meet whatever life may throw their way.

“One should look forward in life and not look backwards. When you look backward, it’s only to see how far you’ve come to become the person you are today.”

Angela’s new song “Finally”.

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