[old news] Luhan barred from entering Taiwan for two years

UDN: Nightmare trip to Taiwan, Luhan barred from Taiwan for two years


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Luhan arrived in Taiwan on May 1 to film for six days and five nights for Chinese TV show “Back to School 2”, but a whistleblower pointed out that he was illegally working in Taiwan on a tourist visa.

Investigations were conducted after the tip was received and it was discovered that Luhan did indeed enter Taiwan on a tourist visa, barring him from filming for work.
– However, details of work still made it onto entertainment headlines everyday and fans waited outside his hotel everyday, hoping to catch a glimpse of him

According to the relevant laws, Luhan had 10 days to exit Taiwan
– He would’ve been forcefully deported if he knew of his situation and still decided to continue filming, he would be placed on a restricted travel list and barred from entering Taiwan for five years
– He will be able to apply to work in Taiwan after two years

Although the regulatory authorities didn’t ask the show to stop filming, the entire crew was spotted at the airport three days after arrival, cutting short their stay in Taiwan.

Taiwanese netizens weigh in below:

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  • Saying that it was illegal work is strange. He was on a foreign salary filming a foreign TV show. It’s not like it was a domestic show, what illegal work is there?
  • Luhan did his best to overcome his fear of heights to come to Taiwan to film, but now he has to bear the blame for the production team’s mistakes and now it’s being continuously repeated by the black-hearted media. What is this! I sincerely tell you not to come, we’ll go across the Strait to go see you! Luhan fighting!
  • If we really want to get down to it, there’s a ton of foreign managers who come to Taiwan for business trips on a tourist visa! Why don’t we go after them? There’s also a ton of people with US nationality working in Taiwan, they don’t have a visa either!
  • Poor Luhan~ go back and rest!
  • Don’t come to Taiwan…
  • This makes me sad
  • LunaToown

    thank you op
    poor luhan it’s not your fault but whatever… your main working place is china