Tnetz react to South Korean athletes Hall of Fame in Olympic Village

PTT: South Korean athletes put up a Hall of Fame for others to worship?


These pictures were taken by Taiwanese female marathoner Chen Yu-Hsuan, showing how the South Korean athletes had put up a hall of fame in the lobby of the Olympic village.
– Journalists remark that it’s been set up with such pomp that it seems to demand worship from onlookers
– Chen Yu-Hsuan commented that it felt like South Korea had laid claim to the entire Olympic village as this hall of fame was even set up in elevators


Tnetz weigh in below:

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  • This makes them look like they’re criminals
  • This makes it look like they’re honoring the dead
  • RIP…
  • I actually would’ve thought they were honoring the dead if it hadn’t been for your words…
  • Did Chen Yu-Hsuan burn incense and pay her respects?
  • Aeoliuu

    Was this put up in some general area or something??

    • cpoplove

      This was in the general lobby in which all athletes would have to pass through everyday as well as all the public elevators.

  • singermelodie1

    it actually makes them look like wanted criminals