Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming show their love

QQ: Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy look sweetly at each other and make faces when their backs are turned


On a day in Beijing, Huang Xiaoming visited Angelababy’s film site and pulled her into a sweet hug.
– Angelababy’s blissful expression spoke to the depths of her love



Cnetz weigh in below:

[+7,433] A piece of winter news published only in summer. Media play alright. Baby is so pretty, this is such a loving couple

[+4,398] Your acting skills make me anxious

[+670] Best wishes to you baby and Brother Xiaoming. Hope you have a child soon

[+161] I wonder how much money baby has given the news agency. There’s an article about her everyday. News from winter is only being published now

[+88] I think baby only looks good from the front and not the side

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  • LunaToown

    i really love these two