Judges for “Girls Fighting” engage in cosplay

Toutiao: Judges for “Girls Fighting” engage in cosplay and fight the girls for who’s more beautiful

Chinese talent spotting show “Girls Fighting” splits up teams of girls aspiring to be stars and pits them in weekly showcases and competitions. Judges include Huang Xiaoming, Seungri, Hu Haiquan, and Chen Yufan.

Athough the girls engaged in a fierce PK battle this week, it was the judges that really stole the show.


Huang Xiaoming dressed as the main character from “Shanghai Tang”.

c38000d1d2c5b5025eeHu Haiquan made an appearance as Harry Potter.


Chen Yufan was the swashbuckling pirate Captain Jack Sparrow.


Seungri opted to be the main character from Hong Kong film “A Better Tomorrow”.

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