SpeXial attacked by firecrackers at fan sign

ETToday: Spexial’s fan signing event goes into the night, attacked by firecrackers by apparent angry residents!


Taiwanese boy band SpeXial held a fan signing event on the afternoon of August 13, performing songs and handing out autographs. They signed from 3 pm to 1:55 am.
– It seemed that local residents were unhappy about the noise and threw down firecrackers at midnight
– Fans immediately dodged out of the way when they realized what was happening and thankfully no one was injured

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SpeXial handed out 2,000 places and signed on stage until midnight. Their company was then afraid of being too loud and took this stage down, moving the boys to a side stage in an alley.
– Teddy later posted on his Facebook, “It was a good thing that no one was hurt, otherwise we really would’ve been so worried.”
– Simon also said that, “I hope such scary things don’t happen in the future and we hope that each fan remained safe.”

“When Grief Strikes” from Spexial’s latest album, “Boyz on Fire”. This album was released on Aug. 12.

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  • CharmBella11

    People are crazy!! But I’m glad nobody was hurt.

    Ps: Love this site! I just discovered it and wanted you to know I’m loving it. Thank you for running it!!

    • cpoplove

      Thank you so much for loving it! Please spread the word on other sites you frequent — I’m trying hard to get the word out and not spam other sites.

      • CharmBella11

        I will hopefully more people will follow. ^_^