Wang Baoqiang files for divorce due to wife’s affair

QQ: Wang Baoqiang announces divorce and that ownership shares of his company had long since changed hands


Chinese actor Wang Baoqiang announced late night on August 13 that he was filing for divorce from his wife because of her affair with his manager.
– A great uproar ensued and his Weibo was flooded with comments
– Rumors of his wife’s affair surfaced in July, but they didn’t make much of an impact then
– There were two ownership changes of Wang Baoqiang’s media company in March and April of this year, marking his wife’s shares from 75% down to 0%
– This suggests that Wang Baoqiang long since knew of his wife’s affairs

When news of this affair broke, netizens came forward in a tell all:
– “Ever since I ran into a male star’s wife and his manager being touchy feeling and engaging in public displays of affection, I’ve always felt odd when I see this married couple showing off their love to the world. I really want to reveal her, it hurts keeping this in ahhhhhhh~”
– “My junior classmate took pictures of Wang Baoqiang’s wife cheating on him with his manager and posted it on Weibo! His manger private messaged my classmate and asked for them to be taken off. The truth came out in the end, I feel bad for Wang Baoqiang.”

Wang Baoqiang’s wife has posted on Weibo saying that, “I’m fine, it’s not that I’m not fighting back, it’s that the time isn’t right yet.”
– Her friends have also posted saying, “Who would’ve thought that a mad dog would bite? He was the wrong who did something wrong and was afraid of people finding out and so did this. He can abandon his family, friends, children, and comrades for profit. There are some things that have yet to be said because the right opportunity hasn’t arrived yet. Ai, to think that a married couple would come to this.”

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