“KO One Re-Member” breaks 1.2 billion views

Weibo: KO One Re-Memember official Weibo


The fourth installment in the KO One series and the eighth in the KO universe, KO One Re-Member, has just broken 1.2 billion views after three weeks of airing.
– This new record comes five days after breaking 1 billion views
– The official Weibo has prepared the above picture as a thank you to the fans

Due to differences in language, the ’12’ in the graphic actually translates to 1.2 billion views.

The following pictures were prepared when the show reached milestones of 500 million views and 1 billion views.

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Partially subbed episode one of KO One Re-Member. The KO series combines friendship, love, family into adventure and magic as the protagonists battle against evil. They often take place in a high school or alternate history backdrop.

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  • kpopkdramas

    There is another one?! Dang, I need to catch up.