TW netizens react to SMAP disbandment

PTT: News: SMAP to disband after 25 years

Rumors of SMAP disbanding floated earlier this year, dispelled only after members came out to deny it.
– The nation breathed a collective sigh, but rumors of awkward filming atmospheres during their “SMAPxSMAP” show pervaded
– Shingo Katori even said that he didn’t wish to participate in a 25 year anniversary concert

It seems that their manager wanted to leave the company, and the five members had agreed to go with her, but Takuya Kimura changed his mind, causing a rift between him and the other members.
– Takuya Kimura lead the apologies to fans, and has been internally labeled “the traitor”

Taiwanese netizens react below:

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  • Takuya Kimura and his happy companions
  • Disbandment, again?
  • How many times are they going to disband?
  • They’re really going to disband this time, NHK (leading Japanese news channel) just ran it on their channel
  • Is there a difference whether they disband or not?
  • They’re all old men, disbandment is good too
  • This is confirmed? T_T It feels like an age is ending
  • They often do their own solo activities even without disbandment, what’s the difference?
  • All the major Japanese newspaper headlines are about SMAP