Wang Baoqiang was the sugar daddy for three college girls?

QQ: New news breaks! Wang Baoqiang sponsored three college girls?


Following the explosive news of Chinese actor and business owner Wang Baoqiang’s divorce announcement yesterday, Chinese netizens have come out to say that Wang Baoqiang once sponsored three college girls in their neighborhood, and that even the neighborhood security knew of this.
– Netizens have remarked, “So he’s the one who can play and when his wife can’t take it anymore and plays around herself, that’s not allowed? Double standards!” (screenshot above)
– More netizens have also voiced rumors of domestic violence and abuse

Chinese netizens weigh in below:

[+27,827] Editor, you have to bear legal responsibility for slander! You only dare take netizen rumors and white out all their names. Do you dare report their real names?

[+25,908] This comeback is too low! It’s obviously fake!

[+18,599] This is an obvious collusion between Ma Rong and her manager. It’s so fake!

[+25] One sentence: this isn’t a reason for you to cheat with your husband’s manager

[+24] Everyone please believe Wang Baoqiang’s character. This is definitely a counterattack from that Ma bitch and manager dog


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