Wang Baoqiang’s wife ready to fire back with her side?

QQ: The show is about to begin? Ma Rong’s friends say that immense gossip about Wang Baoqiang will be revealed soon


The news of Wang Baoqiang filing for divorce from Ma Rong hit the Chinese media networks like a bomb in the early morning of August 14 and gave rise to great netizen discussion.

Ma Rong traveled to the USA to give birth to their son three years ago, and the friend she stayed with at that time tells the public not to be taken in by Wang Baoqiao’s fake front, and that Ma Rong will soon have incredible gossip to share about him.

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+12,239] She means to say that she’s already admitting to it, but will find Baoqiang’s flaws and shortcomings to play for sympathy. Who doesn’t have faults in day to day life?

[+10,344] I believe in Wang Baoqiang, one’s personality is written on their face. I can tell from his face that Baoqiang is an honest person

[+7,970] A married couple will see each other’s truest sides. No one is a saint. You were the bitch in cheating, now you’re sharing gossip just to earn a bit more money. Can you not be stoop to being such a low person? All the luxury items that Baoqiang have bought for you these past years are enough to last you the rest of your life?

[+12] She means to say, everyone wait a moment. We haven’t finished drafting our script yet

[+8] She’s trying to drag his name into the mud so she can get more money

[+7] Baoqiang, you should take your child to get a DNA test

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