Butterfly drops MV for her first EP “Sorry for the Wait”

Yahoo News: Butterfly ignores Hyuna and sets goal to be XXX’s successor


The MV for Butterfly’s first EP “Sorry for the Wait” dropped on August 15 on YouTube.
– Her boss, Show Lo, stirred up her drive and motivation and she practiced dancing late into the night and strained her neck from practicing how to toss her hair in a sexy manner

Given her dance major in college, picking up the new steps proved to be easy for Butterfly, but rapping is her weak point.
– She would pick up the new dance steps in two hours and then go home to practice the rap section hundreds of times from a demo that Show Lo recorded for her

During MV filming, Show Lo often took the stage himself to demonstrate ways to strike sexier poses, causing the staff to break out in laughter.

MV of Butterfly’s first EP, “Sorry for the Wait”.

Butterfly is a Taiwanese artist who first started off as a main character for a children’s TV show. She gained great popularity when co-hosting an entertainment show with Show Lo and has now expanded to being a singer.

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