Korean artist ban in full effect? Hwang Chi-yeul edited out of all scenes in “Challenger Alliance”

Yahoo News: Korean artist ban taking effect? Image pixelated out of all scenes


South Korean singer Hwang Chi-yeul skyrocketed to fame in China for his performance in the fourth season of China’s “I am a Singer”, and has been gradually moving the focus on his activities to China.

In the last episode of “Challenger Alliance” on Aug. 14 however, fans noticed that his scenes were almost all cut out of the episode or his image pixelated when it was unavoidable (example given above).
– Fans were very excited for his performance when he revealed that he was filming for the show in July
– But when the episode aired on Aug. 14, only his back and side appeared throughout the episode, or his image purposefully blurred out and pixelated.

Many fans feel it unfair on Hwang Chi-yeul’s behalf, with only his laugh cutting through the scenes as evidence that he was part of the filming.
– They criticized the TV channel that he hadn’t engaged in any improper conduct or words, yet was unfairly edited out of the episode.
– The TV channel had no comment


Hwang Chi-yeul’s selca when he was filming the episode in July.

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