Kris Shen changes name to Kris K. to advance into the Korean market

Yahoo News: Kris Shen shows off his muscles and his new MV is deemed unsuitable for children under 12 years old


Taiwanese singer Kris Shen takes the name ‘Kris K.’ in a bid to advance into the Korean market.
– The 90 second MV teaser of his first single “Baby Girl” was released on Aug. 12 and has made it to the #2 spot of Korea’s ‘mogoon’ website
– Although he was delighted by his results, regulatory authorities’ decision to deem his MV inappropriate for those under 12 years old quickly followed

Kris was quite surprised by this decision as he said, “My MV is quite typical and there’s no excessive nudity. Why was it inappropriate for those below 12 years old?”

Making a bid to advance into the Korean market has given Kris Shen a lot of pressure.
– “It’s mainly due to an unfamiliar environment, incompatible language, and that Korea is a very competitive place. I’m quite nervous to be entering the Korean market as a Taiwanese artist.”
– He’s put forth much effort in practicing Korean, dancing, and singing in the past month
– He’s also worked one on one with a coach to slim down to 62 kg show that he shows audiences are more toned and fit side
– He also shipped his electronic piano to Korea, hoping to wow audiences by playing and singing at the same time

The 90 second teaser for Kris K’s Korean song. Do you see what makes it inappropriate for audiences under 12 years old?

Kris Shen is a Taiwanese artist part of duo ‘AK’ with Andy Chen. 

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