Ma Rong has left with both children and absconded with all the family’s money?

QQ: Ma Rong leaves for foreign soil with her children, she was the one behind the stock ownership change


Cnetz have reported that Ma Rong has left China with the couple’s two children, all the cash at home, and all the wealth in the household’s bank account
– The company that she shared with Wang Baoqiang had long since been stripped of its assets, with Ma Rong being behind the stock ownership change of the company

According to “finance gossip girl”, Wang Baoqiang’s wealth has already been transferred to accounts under his manager’s parents name
– He had to borrow money from his good friend to pay for legal costs to sue Ma Rong
– Finance gossip girl says that in addition to taking off with their children and money, Ma Rong also once attempted to kill Wang Baoqiang

It’s said that Wang Baoqiang was involved in a car accident on his 29th birthday in 2013.
– Wang Baoqiang posted on Weibo at 4:30 am that a truck had rammed into his car, but thankfully he hadn’t fallen asleep and was able to scramble out of the way (above with cnetz comments)
– Ma Rong was incommunicado all day, allegedly due to lack of internet, and didn’t respond until a day later

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+40,167] Everyone calm down, let’s calm down and think about this. Perhaps Baoqiang really did sponsor three college girls. Perhaps there really is domestic violence. Perhaps it really is Baoqiang being too heartless… Perhaps Ma Rong had gotten drunk and was raped by his manager… Perhaps… damn it. I can’t make things up anymore. Bring me my sword! I’m going to chop this damned cheating couple in half!

[+29,883] Ma Rong used Wang Baoqiang’s popularity to begin with and often put herself in the limelight. His most beloved wife and most trusted manager getting together, Baoqiang had no clue at all. Does anyone agree with me?

[+21,876] Oh my gosh, this woman is too too too too too too too disgusting! Plotting against the person sleeping beside her, Baoqiang still foolishly loved her. This is like being sold by someone and counting the money for them, what a evil, heartless bitch!

[+18,289] Someone who understands law weigh in, is this against the law?

[+15,937] Comrades in foreign countries lend a hand and rat her out! Damn it, this pisses me off. Does she think everything will be fine as long as she escapes for foreign soil? Does she think she can live peacefully and safely?

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  • Heartless

    OMG! my Baoqiang ! I wish him all the best. Hope he is still fine in his acting/directing career.