Mayday has fun with fans during concert on world tour

Yahoo News: Mayday waits on Stone as he greets fans lying down


Taiwanese rock band Mayday held their second concert of the “Just Rock It” world tour in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on Sunday, Aug. 14.
– They had a ball playing games with 55 thousand fans

Guitarist Stone envied that fans had seats to sit down in. He said, “Why stand if you can sit, why sit if you can lie down?”
– Band members then joked that he should lie down
– He did so, and they fed him grilled squid, squid balls, and he pretended that the microphone was a glass of beer

Drummer Guan You received a phone call from family elsewhere in Kaohsiung who said that they could hear the 55 thousand fans singing all the way in their home.
– Mayday then asked fans to sing even louder so that cities in the central and northern part of Taiwan could hear them sing as well. (Kaohsiung is in the southern part of Taiwan)

The mayor of Kaohsiung came to say and express her wishes that Mayday would always hold concerts in Kaohsiung.

The “Just Rock It” tour moves to Beijing on August 26.

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