Cnetz react to Ma Rong suing Wang Baoqiang for infringement of reputation

QQ: Ma Rong sues Wang Baoqiang for infringement of reputation and demands that his Weibo messages be deleted

[+78,865] This is completely inconceivable. Song Zhe (Wang Baoqiang’s manager) can you come out and say something for yourself? You think Wang Baoqiang is less than you? It’s you that’s less than Baoqiang. He sweated for his money and was completely defenseless against you, allowing you to handle all the money and gave you his body and home. How can someone act like you? There’s many beautiful woman around, how beautiful do you think you are? You’re nothing without Baoqiang. Go look in the mirror, you’re still using the children as a shield now and even stole them. You’re involving the children in your shame. Don’t you feel shamefaced for using children?

[+60,392] So shameless, I can’t watch this anymore. How can you bully someone like this! No matter man or woman, you’re wrong if you’ve engaged in an affair while married. If you want to change partners, get divorced first. No one will talk about you then. This is too disgusting. If she can win this kind of lawsuit, then this society is twisted to the extreme! I’m waiting to see the results of the lawsuit!!!

[+45,563] Everyone calm down, let’s calm down and think about this. Perhaps Baoqiang really did sponsor three college girls. Perhaps there really is domestic violence. Perhaps it really is Baoqiang being too heartless… Perhaps Ma Rong had gotten drunk and was raped by his manager… Perhaps… damn it. I can’t make things up anymore. Bring me my sword! I’m going to chop this damned cheating couple in half!

[+13,841] The two innocent children are the most to be pitied in all this. They were unconditionally enjoying their parents’ love before and now must face such a cruel reality. There’s such an uproar with the adults divorcing, who is truly loving the children?

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