Huang Xiaoming joins list of stars supporting Wang Baoqiang

Weibo: Huang Xiaoming supports Wang Baoqiang: He’s undefeatable and always gets back up. Tell me if you need anything


Following expressions of support from Chen Sicheng, Xiaoshenyang, Li Chen, and the abbott of Shaolin Temple, Huang Xiaoming is the latest to publicly declare his support for Wang Baoqiang.

Huang Xiaoming posted on Weibo on Aug. 16 saying, “I like your honest smile, you’re undefeatable in our hearts. No matter what you need and when, just say the word. Your brothers are here, keeping you company as you walk forward!”

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+ 21,948] I never criticize or pay attention to stars, but Ma Rong has completely stepped over the line for many netizens in this divorce. I’ll pay attention to all those supporting Baoqiang, you’re all kind people.

[+ 11,609] The hell, I’ve been so pissed by Wang Baoqiang’s matter these days that I’ve wanted to spit blood. I’ve never cared about the marriage of anyone in the entertainment circle, but I care deeply about Baoqiang’s matter!! Such an honest and simple man is a rare good man. To think that his marriage has played him thus… ai…

[+ 10,209] Someone who only knows how to earn money and not spend it — what kind of crazy gossip is there about him? Come out, I promise not to beat you to death!

[+ 9,973] Xiaoming is the best! Baoqiang must be happy. Bless all you kind people! Karma will visit the evil in the end!

[+5,514] What does it mean that so many celebrities have stepped out in support? This means that Baoqiang is completely in the right. They wouldn’t be so foolish as to put themselves forward when Baoqiang is in the wrong. Therefore, when Ma says things about not whistleblowing on scandals because of her children, it’s all meaningless!

[+ 4,923] I didn’t like Huang Xiaoming that much before… but I suddenly like him a lot more when I see him support Baoqiang like this. Is anyone with me?

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