William Wei mixes techno with Buddhist music in fourth album

Kimo News: William Wei plays with techno as a Buddhist song becomes his leading hit


William ‘Weibird’ Wei’s fourth album will drop on Aug. 18.
– This marks his first foray into techno and electronic music
– He laughed and commented that his leading single “Intro” sounds like Buddhist music after putting it on repeat for a bit
– The leading single has a bit of a ludicrous and humorous feeling to it. I hope those who listen to it will be relaxed afterwards

The name of his fourth album, “硬戳” (It All Started With An Intro), represents his desire to keep poking himself and advancing
– The MV of his other leading single “Think of You first” invited Richie Jen to direct and involved sweet flirty scenes with Candy Lien
– William said that if he has to film any intimate scenes, he would first tell his girlfriend, but that he doesn’t like intimate scenes because his friends would keep asking about his girlfriend

He wanted to dedicate “Think of You First” to his cell phone first, because he’d really looked forward to playing Pokemon Go, but hadn’t had time to play it since it came out in Taiwan.

William’s new album will be out on August 18.
– He also announced his world tour today, and that it would travel to Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

“Intro” from William Wei’s latest album.

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