Ma Rong selling couple’s LA house and stole Wang Baoqiang’s company assets

Apple Daily: Wang Baoqiang’s LA house “right of survivorship” clause and cessation of work

On the fourth day since news of Wang Baoqiang’s divorce broke out, Ma Rong has fled China and is nowhere to be found.
– The couple LA house is now up for sale
– It’s been frequently reported that Wang Baoqiang is now destitute and is borrowing money off friends
– Ma Rong’s friends has posted a picture of a bank account with 19 million RMB in it, saying that Wang Baoqiang is putting on an act and playing for sympathy
– Wang Baoqiang’s friends have refuted that saying this money was transferred into the account on the day of the divorce announcement, and it can’t be proven that the account belongs to Wang Baoqiang
– What can be proven is that the license and various company seals for Wang Baoqiang’s company have disappeared

Ma Rong and Song Zhe once looked at redecorating a house together in June of this year.

Chinese netizens have turned the search into real life Pokemon Go.
– When news broke that Song Zhe was in Dalian, netizens from Beijing decided to form groups and set out in pursuit of him

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