Stephanie Sun drops surprise EP on iTunes

Yahoo News: Stephanie Sun casts aside her image for music. Listen carefully for the Easter Eggs!


Sun Yanzi dropped her new EP without forewarning on August 17 on Apple iTunes
– The EP’s theme revolves around being a child and follows a nine year old Stephanie Sun back to 1987, re-interpreting Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child of Mine” as well as three other classic songs
– It also contains the new version of “Kepler” that catapulted Stephanie Sun to the position of “Goddess of the Universe”
– As well as the experimental song “Cai Hong Jin Gong” and five other songs

In order to express the concept of a child, the EP came to Singapore’s illustrious botanical garden, making Stephanie recall memories of her childhood
– “My father used to take us to the botanical garden often when I was small. This is a secret base filled with many childhood memories.”

Stephanie Sun cast aside her image this time to give herself an experimental space to “play with music”.
– Her new song uses a simple guitar melody and whistle sounds to craft an easy and cute atmosphere, and then uses a mischievous guitar to create the feeling of childlike joy
– Her son and husband also sang in the above two songs, adding an element of surprise

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