Tnetz react to Chen Shih-Chieh’s abnormal subpar performance in the Rio Olympics

PTT: Chen Shih-Chieh refuses interviews after match, apologizes on Facebook: I am sorry to Taiwan


Two-time Asian Weightlifting Championships gold medalist Chen, who carried the flag for the Taiwanese team at the opening ceremony of the London Games, only succeeded in one out of his six lifts in the men’s 105 kg weightlifting competition, disqualifying himself.
– He refused all interviews after the match and only said, “No comment” when filmed

He later wrote on his Facebook that, “I cannot face Taiwan and those who supported me. I wanted to win so much in the critical moment that I didn’t think of the greater picture and failed. I really failed. I cannot face anyone.”

Tnetz weigh in below:

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  • Nervousness and pressure were reasons but this shouldn’t have happened~ it’s harsh, but this is reality
  • It’s not like you were the gold medalist in the last Olympics, why be so harsh on yourself?
  • You tried your best and thus shouldn’t feel any shame. Such is the case when it comes to a competition between experts
  • You gave yourself too much pressure. It was a sightseeing trip to Brazil anyways, relax and be happy!
  • Just do your best! It’s amazing enough that you could go to the Olympics
  • Is there a point in apologizing and asking for comfort? Even I could go and fail five times. You got a score of 0 and wasted the country’s resources
  • To an athlete, this is a once in a lifetime chance…
  • LunaToown

    great man