Nana Ouyang to be the first to fail under China’s “Actor Scorecard”

ET Today: Nana Ouyang criticized for poor acting skills. Cast posts picture of her crying in three seconds


After quitting her renowned music school, Nana Ouyang has thrown herself wholeheartedly into the entertainment circle.
– She’s participated in varieties and dramas

However, her recent performance in “Yes! Mr. Fashion!” has drawn criticism for poor acting skills.
– She’s been labeled a “moron” for poor enunciation, high pitched voice, and stilted acting
– She was depressed for two days after seeing such criticism

Recent rumors indicate that the Chinese authorities will enact an “actor scorecard” in 2017 (cpoplove translated name, no official English name given thus far) that grades actors/actresses on number of appearances on central television, satellite television, and number of awards won.
– Those who fail will not be allowed to appear on television
– It’s rumored that Nana Ouyang will be the first to be made example of under the new rules

The cast of her current film “Blood of the Machine” with Show Lo and Jacky Chan posted the following picture in support, saying that Nana is quite amazing to be able to shed tears within three seconds.

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  • Gabbar Singh

    I’m wondering though, what would this “actor scorecard” accomplish?

    • cpoplove

      Beats me, I really don’t know why the government wants to do this either.

      • Heartless

        I hope you will find more about this. I need the updates.

    • Lillie

      Too many actors and actresses in China, I think. So now, only the good ones can make it. As a viewer I’m very excited, but I know it must be sad for some of those out there.

  • WannaPretty

    >Recent rumors indicate that the Chinese authorities will enact an “actor scorecard”

    That’s kind of gross imo, and I can see it being used to take down blacklisted actors.