Zhao Liying makes appearance in “Days of Our Own” MV

People.cn: “Days of Our Own” MV revealed, Zhao Liying shares her ten years of youth


Directed by Hong Kong film director Joe Ma and boasting of leading cast Zhao Liying, Qiao Reliang, and Gui Gui, nostalgic film “Days of Our Own” will premiere on Sept. 2.
– The film released the MV for its theme song today. Eason Chan’s melancholic tones accompanies the scenes of ten years of relationships between the leading cast
– Zhao Liying also appears with a beautiful white dress, inviting the audience to share her joy in finding her happiness

“Days of Our Own” chronicles the growth story of three boys and girls as they graduate from a simple and carefree schoolyard life and set foot into a complex society.
– The audience follows Zhao Liying is recollecting her ten years of youth with her friends
– The MV shows a short clip of her in a wedding dress, leaving behind a deep impression and making viewers curious how her wedding will turn out

MV from “Days of Our Own”.

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  • silvermaoh

    This movie looks interesting. I like ZLY and Gui Gui. Also, I think the male lead was with them in Legend of LuZhen ^^