Chen Bolin went on date with a Chinese model?

Apple Daily: Chen Bolin went on a date with a Chinese internet celebrity? “He pulled my legs onto his”


News broke today that Chen Bolin went on a date with a Chinese internet celebrity.
– Multiple netizens posted pictures of him with a girl and said that the two went on a date in 2014
– They watched a movie in a room and from the screenshots revealed, the girl said, “He pulled my legs onto his and held me as we watched a movie. My smile is almost reaching to my temples now.”

Netizens then discovered that the girl in the picture was rookie Chinese model Ding Ni.
– There were rumors of the two dating in March of this year, and Chen Bolin’s manager said that the two met a long time ago and hadn’t been in touch for a long time
– Netizens then had also explained on Chen Bolin’s behalf that Ding Ni had always been a loyal fan, and that the two hadn’t started interacting until Chen Bolin “liked” one of her pictures online


This is allegedly how Ding Ni looks like without makeup. She’s been in several controversies for appearing too different when not done up.

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  • kpopkdramas

    Power of makeup but I don’t mind artists dating so more power to him if he is. They all deserve love