Cnetz react to frequency in which Song Zhe and Ma Rong booked rooms at hotels

QQ: Song Zhe’s hotel room booking history comes to light, booked rooms with Ma Rong 109 times

Journalists have been in contact with those close to Wang Baoqiang and have allegedly obtained a record of how many times Song Zhe booked hotel rooms with Ma Rong.
– This list was in the hands of Song Zhe’s ex-wife
– The two shared a room for 109 nights, of which 21 instances were charged by the hour (typically used for quick sexual release)

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+7,477] Everyone forward this! Wang Baoqiang’s younger sister was in charge of accounting at Wang Baoqiang’s company and discovered on Sep. 2015 that Ma Rong had embezzled one million RMB. She mysteriously died in a car accident in December of that year. In 2007, Ma Rong’s school recommend done person to be a reporter at the Beijing TV channel, but the classmate who was originally chosen was involved in a car accident that crushed her left calf. Ma Rong was sent instead. I’m not doing anything else but pasting this today! Upvote me.

[+6,984] This isn’t a simple divorce matter anymore. This involves fraud as well as Wang Baoqiang’s younger sister’s mysterious death in a car accident.

[+6,422] Where did they book these rooms? Get the hotel’s surveillance cameras.

[+5,599] Can I ask weakly what rooms charged by the hour?

[+4,846] Everyone remember, these are only the ones that can be publicly found. Remember those that happened in cars, by the beach, in the bathroom , woods, office, balcony, home etc!

[+2,647] Don’t you have to give your real name when booking hotel rooms now? What’s the use of continued arguing? I can’t bear to even look at them anymore.

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  • Heartless

    I wish all the best to Wang Baoqiang. He is a good actor.