Esther Huang once had no income for a year and had to help family pay back debt

Weibo: Esther Huang talks about the bitterness of having no income for a year and having to help pay off family debt


Taiwanese actress and singer Esther Huang (Xiao Xun) made her debut from reality show “Hey Girl” and has seen her career grow steadily in recent years.
– Her acting skills have won her acknowledgement and a nomination in Taipei’s Movie Day awards
– However, she once went through a low of not having any work for a year. She had to lie to her parents that she had work and leave the house everyday, when in reality she was passing the time with friends
– She once thought about returning home to help at her family’s restaurant and almost thought of giving up her acting career

The reorganization of her idol group “Hey Girl” in 2008 put her out of work for a year.
– It wasn’t until her shift to acting in recent years that her career was revived, and she is now signed at the company in which Jaycee Chan (Jackie Chan’s son) is signed at
– Her acting has also won her a nomination for the Golden Bell Awards in recent years

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