Jimmy Lin is already using iPhone 7?

Yahoo News: Significant function upgrade for iPhone 7? Jimmy Lin seems to already be using it!


Rumors abound as less than one month remains before the latest iPhone is released.
– Some sources have pointed out that this time’s iPhone could just be a small upgrade and would not bear the moniker of “7”
– Japanese blog Macotakara pointed out on the 17th that it would be highly likely to be a large upgrade and use the name “iPhone 7”

Regardless, Jimmy Lin has been spotted many times using a not yet released iPhone to take pictures.
– He’s been spotted more often recently using this phone
– The phone has an Apple logo on the back and dual cameras, but it remains to be seen if it is the newest iPhone

Sources say that this year’s iPhone will continue its old naming habits and delete the 3.5mm headphone jack.
– The camera’s specs will also greatly increase, the physical home button may go away, and an A10 chip will be used

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  • Heartless

    Jimmy Lin is ageless. He still looks young and cute.

  • kpopkdramas

    I am jelly. I want play with the new phone.