William Chan is charismatic beyond belief on “Mystic Nine”

ET Today: William Chan explodes with charisma in “Mystic Nine”. His looks charm even Dee Hsu


“Mystic Nine”, headlined by leading cast William Chan, Zhao Liying, and Lay of EXO has caused a great uproar as soon as it was broadcasted and continues to climb in popularity.
– It has now been viewed 1.5 billion times
– William Chan in particular is particularly handsome within the drama, and netizens have laughed that he comes with his own background music whenever he makes an entrance in the drama. His sweet scenes with Zhao Liying have captured the attentions of many fans, including even notable Taiwanese MC Dee Hsu.

“Mystic Nine” is an adaptation of NanPaiSanShu’s works, and is the prequel to “The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles”.
– William Chan’s career has reached new heights due to the drama and is embraced by crowds of fans everywhere he goes. Fans have given him the title of the walking “Mr. Popularity”.


William Chan and Lay of EXO in “Mystic Nine”.

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  • Cl

    Love this <3 Dee Hsu has good taste, this man is like a walking piece of art!

  • Heartless

    His smile!

  • silvermaoh

    Love this drama <3333 I am glad it is doing good, I have a feeling everyone will be calling William Chan "FoYe" for a long time.

  • Prettysup

    Fo Ye is indeed hot !!