10 female stars who’ve been slammed by netizens but never defeated

Sina: A list of 10 female stars who’ve always been attacked by netizens but never beaten

  1. Xie Na

Since she exploded to fame after hosting “Happy Camp”, Xie Na’s become target number one for netizens. However, her strong internal strength always helps her laugh it off, because she feels that “all slander and attacks are ways for me to become stronger.” Thanks to many years of hard work, Xie Na has now become the top female MC within the entertainment circle.

2. Zhang Ziyi


“Under the table dealings”, “scamming”, “nude pictures on the beach”, “being sponsored”… Zhang Ziyi has had her fair share of negative news since become popular. Zhang Ziyi has used the law to defend herself when faced with vicious rumors online and continued working hard. Not only is she an international superstar now, she’s also a happy mother.  

3. Fan Bingbing


Fan Bingbing has been subjected to the rumor mills ever since she became popular. Comments attacking/insinuating plastic surgery, being sponsored, secretly having a child, not having any works to her name and using media play instead, and bullying other female stars have never died down. She’s insisted on proceeding forward with her own faith, and just like what she wrote in Weibo once, “If you wish to wear the crown, you must suffer its weight.” “Never lower your head! The crown will slip! Don’t cry! The bad guys will laugh!”

4. Zhao Liying


When netizen attacks grew to an extreme once, Zhao Liying once said, “I’m cursed at for even taking a sip of water.” She never responded or was affected by the incredible amounts of speculation and gossip, but used her works to speak for themselves. She’s won more respect from netizens lately due to the broadcast of her latest dramas.

5. Mabel Yuan


Ever since she gained popularity, netizens have constantly listed her crimes, including: ugly looks, fake acting, and playing up her poor circumstances. The hashtag of “Mabel Yuan should leave the entertainment circle” once trended on Weibo. When faced with netizen attacks, Mabel Yuan chose to turn that energy into increasing her acting skills and producing solid works, becoming the goddess that many netizens now adore.

6. GEM


GEM has been so attacked by netizens that she has almost no unmarked skin on her body anymore. Common attacks have been, “fake virgin”, “disrespect to elders”, “poor vocal ability”, and “celebrity disease”. However, GEM’s never paid attention to these rumors and have only let her music speak for herself. Her “G.E.M.X.X.X.Live World Concert” has completed 64 concerts to date and has broken the previous record of 59 concerts held by any Chinese female artist on a solo tour. She well deserves the title of “vocal queen”.

7. Liu Yan


Because of her sexy display of cleavage on many occasions, Liu Yan has been blasted for being an exhibitionist. She responded, “I wear sexy clothes not to display that I’m a wanton woman.” In her dictionary, “hard work” occupies an important place along with “cleavage”. She’s one of the few in the entertainment circle with no background, no famous godfather, and no scandals. She’s reached her current status completely on her own efforts.

8. Zhang Xinyu


Controversial topics have abounded since Zhang Xinyu debuted, such as working as a call girl, having been married, exhibitionist, poor acting skills, no quality work, plastic beauty, black hearted woman, and basically all negative traits that one could possibly think of. The most tragic was that she had been an Expo ambassador, but netizens reframed it so that she had faked that. Despite that, Zhang Xinyu never fell down. Her works since 2009 until now have always been very popular, and she’s transformed herself from a “sexy goddess” to a renowned actress able to act in a variety of roles. 

9. Yang Mi


One period drama “Palace” created Yang Mi’s success, but also made her bear the brunt of netizen attacks. Apart from poor acting skills, no vocal ability, netizens blasted her for plastic surgery, stinky feet, and black heartedness. She’s used her high EQ and a strong hate to face the online hate.

10. Liu Yifei


More than ten years after her debut, Liu Yifei has gotten no plastic surgery and has had no dating scandals, but has been continuously attacked from 2004 to 2015. Netizens say that her age is fake, degree is fake, habitual liar, depends on a sponsor, with even some making up rumors that she had gotten an abortion or changed her gender. Liu Yifei has never defended herself and just approached her work seriously. She’s gone from the small screen to the big, and her acting skills have matured, becoming the impeccable goddess in many netizens’ hearts.

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  • silvermaoh

    wow they really have gone after a lot of people, but I read that in Chinese industry netizen comments dont really affect celebrities. I guess besides making them feel bad when reading mean comments. I also read ZLY even got a lot hate bc she is from a rural part of China, glad she is still doing good.

  • LunaToown

    happily zly is becoming more and more popular recently 2016 is her golden year but with all the acting role she get recently i feel like they might hate her if they see her often on screen ” overdose”.
    liuyifei is getting hate because she is dating a korean man…
    fan bing bing is for being to perfect and she is really a bad actress.

    • silvermaoh

      ZLY needs a break, she keeps doing drama after drama after movie. Even now after her summer dramas are over, another drama that she filmed last year will come out.
      I was really shocked about Fan BingBing but after watching The Empress of China, I get why ppl say she is not a good actress but I still like her.

  • Verdiani

    Surprised YM got hate…esp. from Palace? That’s odd bc she was so famous even before Palace, and Palace actually made her even more famous. Besides, everyone first fell in love with Feng Shao Feng from there, despite it being another Boys over Flowers drama!!! Guess how he made it to leading roles like Prince Lanling and in Ice Fantasy…pretty much from Palace where he first gained all the fans! If people hate YM so much in Palace, why would they even like FSF bc he was so in love with YM in there…? I think it was only after BBJX came out with the almost exact storyline and claiming to be so call “more realistic” then people started bashing Palace to a stupid extent. I just couldn’t describe how many actresses were copying YM’s style of acting from Palace, she started that trend.

    LYF’s criticisms are the biggest jokes! She holds a US citizen card, how can people be so stupid to frame her about a fake degree? Her teenager looks was so obvious, they slowly change and mature in each drama clearly, for example, from Story of a Noble Family to Tian Long Ba Bu and Chinese paladin, those three dramas she had almost totally different looks! It’s not very easy to frame about her age.

    ZLY? Yes, she did overworked!

  • Heartless

    “If you wish to wear the crown, you must suffer its weight.” “Never lower your head! The crown will slip! Don’t cry! The bad guys will laugh!”

    FBB! my queen!