Da Mouth disbands in a surprise move

Sina: Da Mouth disbands because of internal conflict. Leader says, “easy come easy go”


Taiwanese hip hop quartet Da Mouth suddenly announced on Aug. 20 that the group was disbanding
– This news came as a shock to many, and many fans were quite depressed
– It’s rumored that rapper MC40 did not get along with the three others
– Leader Chung Hua wrote briefly on his Facebook, “Easy come easy go.”

It’s been nine years since Da Mouth debuted and many fans were quite saddened that the group didn’t make it to their tenth year anniversary.
– Chung Hua promised that he would take advantage of the chance to bring even better music to fans in the future if there was the chance


It’s been rumored that the main reason for the disbandment is MC40’s unfriendly relations with the three others.
– He rarely interacts or talks to the others after events, and rarely contacts them in private
– He’s also often been accused of having a bitchy face and that the three others still couldn’t understand MC40’s thoughts after many years
– This was why they didn’t renew their contracts after they expired this time
– MC40 himself responded that he just naturally has a bitchy resting face

The leading single from Da Mouth’s last album with Pauline Lan.

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