Fu Yuanhui jokes that she’s super skinny in a Weibo update

Sina: Fu Yuanhui jokes around in the bathroom and takes a selfie, complimenting herself, “How am I so skinny?”

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.28.05 AM

China swimming darling Fu Yuanhui posted on Weibo on Aug. 21 a picture of her goofing off and complimented herself.
– Her caption read, “Yay! Going out to play! I’m coming! Hehehe, oh my I seemed to have lost weight. How can I be so skinny! I like myself so much. I’m just this shameless, hehehe.”

Netizens left comments complimenting her:
– Fresh and not take, Yuan Yuan is completely different from the heavily made up biatches outside. Pretty pretty pretty!
– Don’t go play with Sun Yang and Ning Zetao!


Fu Yuanhui’s selfie.

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  • silvermaoh

    lol she is so funny

    • Heartless