Hacked? Ma Rong insta-deletes her Weibo post

Sina: Hacked? Ma Rong deletes Weibo post in an instant: Stop focusing on the wrongs that a man and woman have committed


Ma Rong’s Weibo posted on Aug. 20 to, “Stop focusing on the little matter of the wrong that all men and women will commit and pay more attention to our Olympic athletes. Fu Yuanhui doesn’t have a boyfriend yet!”
– It was deleted immediately after netizens unleashed a storm of criticism
– She told her friends that her Weibo had been hacked, but netizens didn’t buy this explanation

Netizens chimed in on her Weibo before it was deleted:

  • Can you not say that your account was hacked when you voice words that aren’t accepted by others?
  • Who would hack you and then delete your post in a second?
  • If I were the hacker, I’d curse at myself three hundred times
  • Don’t drag Fu Yuanhui down with you alright?
  • This is the worst treatment that Master Fu has received


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